Saturday, March 17, 2007

St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day to those of you who are Irish, even if just for today. Mum is not wearing green today. Says she doesn't need to be Irish. But she did buy some Irish Soda Bread at the store today. Guess that is what she is cellybrating with

I want to introduce you to Andie Pandie. This is a kittie who lives with someone that mum knows at work. When she firsted saw him all she could think of was - Fat Eric! Don't you think they look alike? But while Andie is a wonderful ginger kittie, he is only 12 pounds and just over 1 year old.
Fat Eric is below, don't you think they look alike!? Other than Eric's, umm, beauty mark, they looks like duplicates. A doppleganger.But Andie might have to find a new home as he is acting up, his bean dad works furry hard and gets home furry late at night. But then Andie wants to wake him up early in the morning. So bean dad is suffering from lack of sleep. They have tried closing doors, keeping him another room but he meow's so loud he still wakes them up(they live in a small place). His mum came to talk with my mum about it. Thinking maybe she knew someone who might be wanting a new kittie. Mum says she would ask around, but mum assures me Andie won't be coming here. Plus mum told her about HAWS and that they are furry nice and he would be able to find a new home there. But they are going to try to work this out if they can.


  1. Happy St Patrick's Day!
    Andie and Eric look like brothers! They are both cute. I wish for the best for little Andie

  2. He's beautiful... and yes, he looks like Eric! And also my brother Pumpkin.

    I hope that things work out for Andie. It's sad when the beans and the cats can't live together for whatever reason.

  3. Andie is very handsome. I hope things work out for him. He reminds me of Fat Eric too!

  4. He DOES look like Eric! Amazin. Eric has more mane, but then he's older. I sure hopes they can find a way to keep Andie Pandie! Could it be as simple as lettin him in the bedroom to be wif them? Or leavin dry food out all nite so he's not starvin?

  5. Derby,

    Maybe they can get a small cage and
    give him something to cuddle like a stuffed toy .Ariel had this problem
    when I frist got her and it can be fustrating.I hope things work out he's a very cute kitty and does look like Eric.

  6. awww - he's a cutie! the one thing that keeps us from bothering our people too much is that we have each other to play with when the people want to sleep. plus we have crunchies out all the time, just in case we're hungry. recently the Lady took the Blonde Girl out of public school and she's doing home schooling now. that means we have someone home during the day and we don't get as much sleep as we used to. by night time, we're all whining for the people to go to bed. sometimes Midnight's the only one who shows up for Stinky Goodness in the morning because Cocoa and I are still too tired to get up. oh, and one more thing...Andie's only 1 and still a hyper nutcase. he'll settle down with age. for now, try wearing him out and leaving the crunchies out. purrs!


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