Sunday, March 25, 2007

First Flowers

Spring must really be here. Mum was outside and found the first flowers blooming in our yard! Just a few of the crocus peeking out of the front flower bed. Plus mum says if the weather stays nice, and it is supposed to, the daffodils may be blooming in the next few days.It is a bit foggy out right now and the TV man says we may get thunder boomers later today.
This was our backyard yesterday afternoon, and the little bit of snow that was still melting. But by the end of the day, the snow was gone. Another sign that spring is here.
Plus it was nice enough yesterday and today that mum opened a whole bunch of windows. Including the one in the front with my perch. So I could watch for and listen to the birdies and smell all of the scents in the outside air.
Thanks for the comments on the new look. Like Jake & Bathsheba said, it takes lots of time to change things over. So that is why mum waited for a day when she took off work, and planned to use some of that extra time for the switch. But now, if I want to change the colors, mum doesn't have to hunt through the code to find the spots and then put in funny stuff like CC6633 for the color.

But bummer that the header gives some of you a half head of me. Mum worked hard to get it to work out with just full shots. Well at least that what is shows on our 'puter. Mum says not to worry about it. We may still make a few changes, but will see. They won't be major changes like we just went through!


  1. We see 5 whole heads. Not a half head.

    We like your screen perch. It looks very nice. We might get some of those thunder boomer things too. Maw hopes so cuz of the severe drought. She is always fretting about the water.

    Uh oh. Gotta go. Paw just gotted up.

    Luf, Us

  2. Very beautiful flower Derby. My Dad likes to take photos of flowers too. Where Ace and I live it's still pretty chilly. It doesn't feel like spring until April/May.

  3. Great new look Derby!
    We had the windows open yesterday & today too. The birds are chirping like crazy!

  4. I see 8 whole heads!

    I love crocuses, they are so pretty.

  5. Derby we see all yur heads! It's great to see that many of you. We like the color. Owr favrite color is blue so it looks nice. The beans saw some crocus fleurs today too although we can't see any frum owr window.
    We am furry busy checking out the noises coming frum owr baffroom.

  6. How nice you finally get to go outside! And the flowers are really lovely. Spring is so great!

  7. Your heads all look great to me, Smiley Boy! I think The Crew had trouble like that.

    Momma planted pansies the other day. She said it was for the fairies, but she loves them and they bloom so much even in the cold and heat.

    We have a few spots of snow left, just where it was piled up. Now it is raining.


  8. We see eight of you, but the last is just missing a little bit of the side of your face ...

    We like seeing eight of you ...

  9. I love spring weather too! Those flowers look so yummy.
    I like seeing your catface all across the screen.

  10. There's nothing like a spring day in an open window, especially when you get to see birds and flowers and things. Your new look is like a spring sky, too! Very nice.

  11. We gots those same flowers at our howse, Derby! An Mom's hopin fur a "good show" frum her daffys an two lips. I only sorta amember sum yellow flowers last year. When do you fink the grass will be green agin?

  12. we see 5 whole heads. it looks great!

  13. Derby. We see varying copies of your head, depending upon how wide our browser window is, with each copy the same width.


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