Sunday, March 11, 2007

Fresh Air

Yes, it finally gotted nice enough that mum opened the window in the kitchen. I was so excited I jumped up and smelled the outside. It was so nice, plus you could hear the birdies singing too.

Plus a few pictures from a week ago. See how deep the snow was! Mum had to walk through all of that white stuff to put food out for the fevvers. But since it is warmer, the snow is going away. Maybe we will see the grass soon.
And mum found some kitties out wandering the streets last night. She was driving home and was getting ready to turn on our street. The road is curvy, but she could tell from the street light that two small objects were right in the middle of the road. She though someone had just thrown a couple of large drinking cups or bottles in the road. But when the car lights gotted on the objects, it was two kitties! A black one and a ginger and white cat. Mum braked the car and the kitties ran off. They better be careful. The next driver might not be so careful.

The sun is out, the clocks are changed and things are good. Everyone have a good Sunday.


  1. We can tell your sniffing the air to check out what's out there!! How purrecious!

    Luf, Us

  2. I love the fresh air, too. When mom starts to think about opening the window, I'm right there to tell her to go ahead and open it.

  3. Mommie opened the window for us yesterday. I sat in the window and talked to Mommie while she was outside putting up a picked fence. Open windows are the best..Missy

  4. Mmmmm...fresh air! Mommakitty opened the wondows (wif screens) this weekend too...we almost forgotted what da outside smelled like!

  5. WE are seeing so many more bare spots and less snow.

    You look all happy, Smiley Boy.

    I hope the kitties have a home


  6. We had some nice weather too! My sister cats were on the windowsills all day sniffing the fresh air.
    I hope those little guys are careful crossing the roads.

  7. nufin better than an open window fer sniffin fresh air!

    yuki & kimiko


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