Friday, March 30, 2007

Fang Shui Friday

Hairballs are bad ch'i. To transform the negative energy, deposit them in the correct corner of the room according to their color.

Orange hairballs in the west corner; blue in the south; green in the north; white in the east.

From Fang Shui by Catfucious, Peter Pauper Press, 2002.

This is a good week for this fang shui lesson. I haven't been fully sharing, this over the past few weeks, but I have been having some 'digestive issues' as mum calls them. They are NOT related to the food recall issue. I only get dry food.

About 3 weeks ago I vomited several times for a couple of days, but not with hairballs. Once now and then mum never worries about. So we made a visit to the vet and he didn't find anything obvious wrong. But I had gained 14 ounces since last May (does this mean a D-I-E-T?). The doc gave mum some pills to mix with my food, an antibiotic, after a few days my poop became loose and seemed to have a lot more volume. In the past getting an antibiotic has given me a looser stool. But it went away after stopping the pills, but not this time.

Last Friday, the 23rd, mum hauled me back to the vet. No fever, again nothing obvious. Weight 15 pounds 9 ounces! A gain of 5 ounces in just over 2 weeks! They sent mum home with a medicine that is like Imodium for humans. So I got that stuff with tuna juice for the next 5 days, no change.

I knew something was up last night. All my water dishes disappeared and my food dish too. No amount of staring induced mum to give me any treats. She went to bed and left me to starve. This morning I woke her up furry early, knocking a fake plant over in her sleeping room. Jumping on the bed didn't help either. When she did get out of bed, she stayed home and worked on the 'puter and phone for a while. But she didn't give me any food.

Then mum brought out the PTU and took me to the VET again. But this wasn't a short visit. Mum dropped me off and left me ALONE!!!!!! They took me to a different room than I have been in before. Now to say I have an attitude with the at the VET is putting it mildly. The techs laugh at how much I growl and hiss. I don't generally cooperate with them. Too bad mum does not have a movie camera that has sound, you might not believe the sounds I make!

So what happenned? Well, according to mum, they put me to sleep so they could get some blood, they took an x-ray of my insides and to make sure I wasn't dehydrated they gave me subcutaneous fluids.
Mum came and sprang me from the office late in the afternoon and we came straight home.

I figured I would finally get some food, but NO. I didn't get any more food until bedtime.
The verdict, well the blood test results won't be back until later today. My x-ray didn't show anything inside of me that would be causing my issues. Plus I mum has another pill to give me until my poop gets back to normal.

So I am ready to just chill today on Friday. I hope the rest of you are feeling good and not having any health issues. I feel OK, running and jumping all around the house. It is just my poop that is the issue.


  1. Hope yer up and perky soon 'cause...TAG, YER IT! Come by our bloggie fer instructions...

  2. I'm glad you're back home, Derby ... and I hope you keep getting better. Thinking good thoughts ...

  3. Oh Derby, what an awful day you had! Keep playing and running. We're all gonna think pawsitive thoughts for you!!!

  4. OMG Derby! You sure have been through a lot! I hope your poop is better soon! My Mom had to change my food to a food for sesitive stomach. It helps and I like it ok. But I hated all the tests! Your problem sounds worse than mine did though. I sending headbutts my friend!

  5. That sounds dreadful Derby! I'm glad you're home now and I hope your poop is normal soon without having to go back to the VET.


  6. Derby, perhaps I shouldn't have featured you--now your body just naturally wants to be a "certain size." I'll be more careful about my influence in the future.

    Be well.

  7. Get well soon Derby. At least when I asked the Woman she said she can think of more bad things that cause weight loss than weight gain and the gaining weight ones are usually a bit easier to fix... although this has her perplexed.

  8. We are sorry to hear you feel sickie. Get well soon!

  9. Oh dear, Derby! What an ordeal you have been through. Do not worry, you were very right to growl and hiss when you were at the V-E-T. I am glad that your insides seem to be OK. I hope all your bloodwork comes out good too. I hope you will let us know the results, I am a little bit worried.

  10. Derby

    We hopes yu gets good noos from da VET's -- Momma knoos poop is a big issue in our house. Cuz I have a problem wif it. Manxies tend to have problems wif poopie bu**s, and I don't like any one messin wif my bee-hind. I will keep finkin good thoughts of yu today.


  11. Oh Derby, we're so worried about you. You are our oldest friend and we want you to stay well.

    As for your weight, I wouldn't worry. 16 lb, give or take a few ounces, is what Max and I weigh and we're not dieting.


  12. Sorry to hear your not feeling well.
    Hope your feeling better real soon. I tagged you for a short Meme please go to my blog to see.

  13. Gosh, Derby, what a ruff day! Glad you are feeling ok eksept for the poop ishoo. But I fink someone needs to haf a werd wif yore mom abowt foods and not starfing pore pussycats that spent all day at the evil vetty bean's offiss!

    Finny & Buddy

  14. Oh Derby, poop issues are the werst!
    Mine used to be hard as concrete until mom finally changes my food.
    what a stressful day for you. I hope you get better very soon.

    Prinnie and I are almost 16 (two weeks!) so we have all sorts of surprises these days.

  15. Oh, poor Derby, we're sorry to hear you've been feeling so poopy and having awful v.e.t. visits! We wanted to thank you for letting us be DreamCats -- it's an honor and a privilege!

    Get better soon!
    Lucy, Rocky & Fracas

  16. I am sorry that you are having poop problems. I hope that your bloodwork comes back OK and that you don't have to take any more icky medicines. I am glad that you are feeling good though, aside from the poops.

  17. oh Derby, we hopes you is better real soon. I weigh 16 pounds, but I have "little" bones, so I has to lose weight. ::sigh::
    we hopes that your blood werk was ok and that nofing really bad is going on. It's bad enuf that you has poopie prollems. Please let us know 'acause we is werried about you!

  18. We're sorry you had such a bad day and hope things get better soon. We're glad to hear that you're feelin' okay. We're sendin' purrs to you and your mum (even though she starved you!)

  19. Derby my friend, sorry to hear you had to go to the v-e-ts. Hope that all your tests come back all right and this is just a minor problem. Keep us updated my friend!

  20. Tigre had a nasty bout of sickness a few months ago. You can read the exploits if you go into our archives. She's just as horrible at the vet - they wear big falcon-taming gloves to handle her. I hope Derby is feeling well soon!


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