Saturday, March 24, 2007


So if you are really paying attention when you got here today, you will notice that the blog has changed. Mum switched it over yesterday to one of the new blogger templates. I really like the new header, me staring at you, times 5.

I like the wider area for postings and such. I know Luxor uses this and I like the way his bloggy looked. So when Blogger made us switch over to the new Blogger, mum looked at these newer templates. But she wanted to wait to switch so that she had time to get everything back in place like the links and buttons.

Most importantly to figure out how to put a picture of me on the top.The one I had on the old blog didn't look good here so mum found a nice head shot and kept cropping it to fit and getting the box adjusted to the correct size. I think she did a good job with her trial and error fixing!

I think we got most everyone's linkies back too. That probably was the longest thing to do since we had so many to put on! Look at how many furiends we have.But mum says it will be faster to add more as we find new furiends. Plus get all of the buttons back, the counter and the clock. Mum just had to copy the stuff over from the old template. But we couldn't do that with all of the linkies.

My little quiz yesterday on the two pictures. Max's mom, Thumper, gotted it correct. Both by Van Gogh and both called Starry Night. But the one on the right is fully,
Starry Night over the Rhone. The more well known painting is just Starry Night. Mum needed some big pictures to fill up this wall and wanted something that was related to each other.

But I liked Oreo's answer, they are painted with a brush, purrty and in frames. That would be my guess too! But mum understands this sort of stuff. But her favorite painter is Claude Monet, but she couldn't find big pictures of his to put up here.

It must be spring, mum gotted a picture of a robin hanging out in our yard today. Mum also stayed home from work yesterday. She and Grampie had some business to do early in the day somewhere, then they came over here for a little bit and did some stuff outside. Then mum wented places and came home with stuff. More food for the birdies and me! She even cleaned the wheeled monster's room out some.

Me, heck, let mum work. I just napped. I hung out on the guest bed and soaked up some sunshine. I plan on doing more of the same for the rest of the weekend.


  1. I like the look of your new blog! And the blue color is pretty.

  2. wow!! Your blog looks GREAT Derby!!!

  3. I love the new look!! I noticed it right away! I actually see 6 and 1/2 good looking cat faces look at me! The more the better, right?!! CUTE!!
    I like Oreo's answer about the art, I like the choice of art too. Very nice.

  4. We cameded to yur bloggie and sed "Oy! Derby hast dun bin cloned!!" Bud den we red yur blog an now we know der ist only 1 of u. Whew. We dunt approve of cloning....

    We like yur new bloggie an we red all back to Monday cuz we ist behind.

    U match da quilt in da guest room furry well. Dat shuld be yur room.


    Luf, Us

  5. Wow, Derby, we thought we had come into the wrong bloggy. It looks wonderful!

    Glad you showed up for the fairy viewing, just in time, too.


  6. Blog looks great!
    We like Monet, too, 'specially the sunflower ones :)

  7. Wow, I knew there was something different,but I couldn't figure out what it was! (HA!).

    Anyway we over here at my house get to see your gorgeous face 5 and a half times Derby!

  8. Very nice new look, Derby. Blue is my mum's favourite colour and lots of our stuff is blue. The finished result is worth you and your mum's hard work redesigning the bloggy.

    You also look very cosy on the bed! Wish we had some of that sunshine here, it is grey and overcast and chilly this weekend.

  9. Your blog looks great! Mom still hasn't figured out how to put a picture in the header. Your's looks really neat.

    And Mom did buy me some human salmon in a can, which I love! Today she bought me some Natural Balance dry food. I'm tryin it mixed in with my Nutro Natural Choice. So far I like it OK.


  10. I like the new look of your blog. The color blue is pretty and I like the new photo you have displayed on the banner. My Momy wants to play around with my site. She wants to add links and put pictures in. She wants efurryone to see how handsome I am!!

  11. My mom hasn't figured out how to change the header either, even with instructions! Sigh ...

    But that's a sweet photo of you on the bed - I like the angle. Mom wants to pet you. (Watch out, she'll sneak up and then start kissing.)

  12. Wow, I really like the new layout.

    The Woman likes Monet, too. When we lived in Evil Ohip she and the Man went to this art show at the Dayton Art Institute; it was some guy's private collection and he had a bunch of Monets and Van Goghs. She said she was looking at the Monets and thought they looked just WRONG, like a kid had painted them. But then she stepped back and VOILA...instant wonder.

    It makes me think I should paint. I can manage instant wonder, too!

  13. We noticed the new layout right away and it looks great. We've been bugging mom to switch because things will supposedly be easier, but then she says, "Okay, it's either we spend lots of time on that, or time visiting friends; which is it?" When she puts it that way, we have to admit we like visiting friends.

    Our favorit artist is Monet too. We especially like the garden and Japanese footbridge paintings.


  14. Hi Derby, what a nice spot to sun and nap! We like the new blog look! Purrs

  15. Two paws up on your new pad - I like seeing your face over and over cause you are very handsome. Mommy says it's a funny thing about Cowboy. She knows she has worked with him at the shelter more than once cause of all the Oklahoma stuff he wears, but they really have never introduced themselves to each other in person! He has been to Wayside a lot - but no one has captured his heart, Mommy has e-mailed him about Elise cause she thinks Elise is his kinda' kitty, but nothin' yet. Mommy says she's gonna let it be. He'll find the right kitty when it's time for him to. It's a small, small world!

  16. Luv the new look, Derby! I see a frog leanin ofur to get into the last pictor... he better behave! My beans went to Illannoy to play wif trains, an said there was bad frog all the way there Friday. Does that make sense to you? Mom wants to werk on our bloggie, too, but didn't haf much luck playin wif a new template on her own. Needs more snoopervision. Purrs!

  17. PS Mom gotted 3 small Monet pictors of water lilies ofur the bed. She buyed them frum some beans what was sellin stuff in their yard an only paid $1 per pictor. She said that's a good deal an she likes Monet a lot.

  18. we wish our Lady would do something cool with our blog too, but she's been too busy ::sigh::

    hi little red fev-ver!


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