Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Mum has been studying the back of the sports page tonight. It has all sorts of lines that pair up and then meet, getting reduced by half each time. Something about being mad for March.

Anyway, if you are into brackets, please pick our local team. The Badgers, ok? Thank you.

The sun was nice and sunny again. Our snow is going away and we can begin to see the grass again in lots of places. Mr. TV weather guy says it might be 60 degrees tomorrow. Wow, heat wave. Mum went outside when she got home and looked at the top of the house. Guess not all of the snow is gone from on top of the house. Mum is guessing in one more day.

And yes, I got treats. I just come and stare at mum sometimes and she gives me treats. She feels guilty I am sure. But I get them one at a time, she won't shovel them in my mouth. Doesn't want me to choke on them. Eat slowly and savor them she says. Just gimme the treat mum!


  1. It is real nice here to and all the white stuff is going. Daddy says we need to start combing the lawn, starting NOW....(he was talking to Momma)


  2. our white stuff is slowly going away, but the guy on the talking pikshur box saided more white stuff this weekend.

    wow, that's a badger? he looks tough!

  3. I'm glad it's almost spring for you Derby! Enjoy those treats--isn't that what spring is for?

  4. Hmmm, I am FOR shoveling the treats in! The more, the better!

  5. that little Badger dude's got some mighty sharp claws!

    here we inhale the treats, then ask for more 5 minutes later as if we were starving to death.

  6. It's starting to warm up here finally.Mmmm treats I remember those.

  7. This bracket stuff we don't know much about. One of the local TV stations has a contest, so we have to pick games. To win a $100K, we have to pick all the games correctly. In our picks, we have WI advancing to the sweet 16.

    All of our snow is gone. We have 75 deg today. Spring is fun!

    Ummmm, ok...sure, we hope the bad-gers get picked in the month of march and jump into half brakets! Go Bad-gers!! Yeaaa

    Pick the mad bad-gurs fur the month of march!?!?! I don't wanna wurrie yoo, but I kinda think yoo need to consult Vir-Ginger abowt how to handul yer lady's silly thawts. Maybe all that staring yer doing is making hur a little silly!

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  10. DKM has that same bad habit of only offering one treat at a time - I WANT THEM ALL!

  11. Smell the Spring!!


  12. We hafn't figured out the mad March stuff yet eifer. ~Merlin, shadow, KO KO


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