Saturday, March 10, 2007

Back in Business

I had mum home yesterday and she wasn't working either. She gotted up late, for her, anyway. Said it was nice to snuggle in a bit.

She lefted for a while and came back with some bags. Did some shopping and also took away the library books she had. Plus she didn't bring any back! That means she has more time to play with me, instead of sticking her nose in a book.
After she came home she worked on the 'puter and gotted all the programs put back on. Says we have to practice 'safe computing'. Then she copied over the files that Mr. Geek saved for her. We had 4,577 picture files! Now not all of them were of me, but lots of them are. The she copied over the next disc with other boring stuff on it like letters and such.

The she updated all of the linkies to my furiends. We think we got everyone, but will have to check as we see comments. We put back over 150 linkies and some we didn't add as the kitties haven't blogged since 6 months or more ago. So I made it around the CatBlogoshpere and checked out everything that happend. Didn't leave many comments, maybe things can get back to normal now. We hope anyway.

But mum had time to find the pictures of me and the indoor windchimes. Actually we have two of them. The one by the front door, that is purrty glass that sounds nice. It is on the left of the Galileo therm-o-meter.
And the one in the opening between the kitchen and dining room. I set that one off everytime I go through! Mum has another inside wind chime that rings sometimes when the furnance blows. Plus the one that is outside. Do you think we have enough of these?


  1. Yay, I am glad everything is back in order with yer computer. It would be sad if you lost any of yer pictures. Those windchimes sure look fun to play with.

  2. Now we know how you wake your mom up in the middle of the night with windchimes!!!

    Great pictures!

    Luf, Us

  3. Momma says you can nefur have to much:
    (In that order)


  4. We think they are very pretty ones you have. That second picture is a good one of you, Derby.

  5. I'm glad that your Mom got the computer working properly again. The windchimes look pretty and they also look like they are a lot of fun to play with. I really like the last picture of you sitting next to the windchimes.

  6. It's a good thing that your computer is back in order ...

    We have chimes, too ... Some in the bedroom (too high up to bat about) for something called feng shui (or whatever) and some outside for the air to bat about. I like 'em, too!

    Tell your mum that if she wants a month-long vacation in the spring, she should come and teach high school with my mom here in sunny San Diego. Mom makes enough money to buy us expensive kibbles and all the Temptations® we could ever eat (but not a whole lot else).


  7. A cat can never have too many toys. I'm glad your computer is getting better.

  8. You're a handsome looking ginger cat! It's nice your mom placed a set of wind chimes that you can play with.

  9. I love the windchimes. I love the picture of you very very much.
    I am glad you helped supervise all of the activity that mom was up to.
    Good work Derby <3

  10. Dat must be lots of fun banging on all dem windchimes. Nice pic of yoo too.

  11. Oh, you handsome devil!

    And you play musical instruments too!


    Skittles, The Cat

  12. So glad your computer is working again. Hope your Mom didn't say any bad words trying to get it working. Oh, another Mom here that likes wind chimes. Sure looks like from the comments she isn't the only one. There are definitely none that I can run into or bat around in the middle of the night. Your Mom sure has some pretty ones.


  13. "Wow" sounds like you and your mom have been busy.Very beautiful wind chime.


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