Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Almost Gone

This is a picture of the back yard tonight. The snow is almost gone!
The front of the house, this was all covered in snow less than two weeks ago.
Look at the tulips, pushing up out of the ground. Soon it will be purrty again with lots of flowers.
You can check back here and here for what it looked like less than two weeks ago. It is starting to cool off tonight. But Sunday it was in the 50's, Monday the 60's and yesterday it made it into the 70's. So nice, mum could come home and open windows. More fresh air for me to breathe. I think spring is ready to be sprung!


  1. Our hi-a-sents are blooming, and our tulips are growing, right along with our daff-i-dills. Spring is wonderful. We like the fresh air also.

  2. Derbly, it is just like here. The white stuff went away like magic! Here today, gone tomorrow, Momma says. Mistrie is one happy camper as she frolics around.


    Pee Ess..... If spring has sprung, does that mean it was in jail all this time?

  3. Oh how wunnerful!!! The snow is gone, the snow is gone! Yippee! Twirls, dances!!

    Luf, Us

  4. Ah spring! I await the sun photos and the sun here too!

  5. We still have snow from those 2 blizzards a couple weeks ago. But the air feels milder and spring is on the way. A little more sun would be nice though. its been so gray & gloomy. All mom does is nap.

  6. Spring I can't wait. I don't like the cold.

  7. We like Spring too. It means more walks, more flowers to sniff and more baby birds to *watch*
    Oh come on mum, yoo know we wouldn't dare to try and catch them.
    *Not when you're looking ennyway*

  8. Uh Derby, watch out. We thot Spring wuz here too then WHAM! Da TV is telling us the WHITE STUFF IS COMING BACK!


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