Sunday, March 18, 2007

Look What Mum Made Me

Mum was furry busy yesterday doing all sorts of stuff. Using the big sucking machine, moving things around, putting things away. Washing things, the usual cleaning stuff, cooking. But when she was done with the normal stuff she did some extra projects.

First mum opened up a room that she has been keeping closed most of the time. She was keeping it closed as I kept pushing her flower plants off the table and onto the floor. She was not happy about that, telling me I was killing her plants.
She had four of these things and you can see that I moved a few off of the table just a few times over the past few months. So mum had been keeping the door closed to that room.

She got all four of those plants now in one big plant pot and now it is way too heavy for me to shove off the table. I think that is what she was hoping for. So now mum hopes they will grow better and bloom more! Plus she will have the different flower colors all in the same pot!
So what did mum make me? My very own hand made sleeping pillow. She boughted the stuff before Christmas, but then didn't have much time to work on it. She even hadded to buy a new machine to do the so-ing part, her old one wasn't working well and it was going to cost lots to get it fixed. It was less green papers to buy a new one. So she boughted a new machine for her birthday with the money Grampie gave her.
The outside is a nice soft fleecey fabric, in a purrty wild kittie fur print. And stuffed with one whole fluffy quilt bat. As soon as she was done, she brought it to me to check it out. I promptly climbed on an took a nap. It is furry comfy and mum says it is like a big pillow, just for me.

Thanks mum for the special snuggle pillow. It is nice and warm and makes me look good.


  1. Mommie made pillows for the girl beans bed, they are big like yours. I think she just says they are for the girl, I think they are for me..Missy

  2. oh Derby, that looks so furry comfy!! it's beautiful!

  3. Derby, what a great snuggle pillow, made just for you! And it does look very nice with your furs.

  4. Derby that pattern does look great with your fur tone! Wow does it look cushy!
    Don't be nibbling that plant, buddy.

  5. That's furry nice and furry comfy looking pillow!

  6. What a nice momma!

  7. That new cushion looks furry furry comfortable. You will have some good naps on that.

    That Andie Pandie cat does have furry similar markings to myself. Except I am floofier. And bigger. But he is young, he has plenty of time to fill out a bit! Hope he finds a home where they don't mind him being loud. Sounds like me, jumping on my humans to wake them up at dawn. But my humans don't mind...unless it is the weekend...

  8. I love shoving things.

    I think your new pillow is really wonderful. It looks so cozy I get drowsy looking at it


  9. That pillow really compliments your purty oringe coloring, Smiley Boy.


  10. A leopard-skin pillow for a big man cat sounds appropriate and purrfect...

    Too bad about Whisconsin -- maybe they can play UNLV again, double or nothing ;-)

  11. That's a GREAT snuggle pillow, Derby! It was furry nice of your Mom to make it for you. And it sets off your orinch purrfectly.
    Boni, Mini, Gree, Pepi and Sanjee

  12. Ooh, that's a very lovely pillow. It looks all cozy and snuggly.

  13. That is a great pillow, Derby. You look wonderful on it. Have many nice naps.

  14. Oh that's so wonderful!!! You luf your new pillow! It's very pretty too!

    Luf, Us

  15. Hmmm, those plants is fur shoving? I hafn't tried that yet. Efun tho you was hard on the plants, puttin them togefur looks good an yur mom mite not of done that if you hadn't pushed them. So yur new pillow bed is a fank you gifty!

  16. My name is Midnight and I'm a plant shover. I'm also a plant shredder, but I've gotta get through one reform program at a time.
    I love that gorgeous pillow! Your mom's very talented.

  17. That is a great snuggle pillow!!! You are a very lucky cat!


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