Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Tuesday, Snow Day

Yes, it is snowing again. We managed to get some sun late Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Today it is snowing again. I WANT SPRING!

Plus mum went to the Green Walls Shelter on Sunday. She said she didn't see any Squillions or even anything that looked summery or for the garden. Maybe they are slow in getting the stuff out, but no kitties looking for homes. Mum said they had lots of candy for Easter.

Has anyone else checked their Green Walls Shelter lately?


  1. We are all sick of this stupid cold weather and snow. It really needs to be SPRING!!!


  2. I too am tired of all this horrid weather though it was nice today it has clouded up AGAIN.

    Derby, I made a request of you on my blog and I am wondering if you would do me the honor.

  3. Well Spring is on it's way...and that means Easter is coming too...it's time for all the chocolates and candy...and well to enjoy some more of the fun of Easter just hop over to my blog on Easter Wishes and enjoy all that it's filled up with!!!

  4. Hi Derby, just hang in there spring will come........ I would send you some sun but I think it's suppose to rain tomorrow. Anyhow it is warmer here now. We didn't get any snow this year again. Mom has been wanting some cause we don't get it as bad as you do. We get about four to five inches and it doesn't stick around.

    Sure do like your Man Cat picture Derby. Really nice. Mom loves thepictures of the tulips. Mom has a windmill just like yours.


  5. Hi Derby! Yes... cabin fever has set in. There's nothing to do but get a good book and settle in for a long cuddle with your mum. Maybe your mum can read the book to you.

  6. there are pansies and primroses and Wally World, Devby. We dont have a Green Wall Shelter, here in the woods, though. It was sunny and 55 yesterday.


  7. sorry for typo's (Mittens is on my lap.)

    CalicoMom Toni

  8. our Lady's gonna check all our Green Wall Shelters. we've got about 5 really close by and more not so close by. we told her ta hit 'em all.

    our word verification is "buyxb", like Buy X-tra Big, which is funny because our Lady was just thinking about buying some bigger pants on account of she's gotten fatter. we think it's a sign, although really a better sign would be "dietnow"

  9. we don't have any of those Shelters either. but i sure want spring to come. we have little teeny snowdrop flowers - all COVERED WITH SNOW!! sheesh.


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