Monday, March 5, 2007

Man Cat Monday

For ManCat Monday, a simple post. Remember the Golden Rule:
Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you.
We had a furry sunny Sunday and I spent the day napping in the widnows, catching as many sunbeams as I could. It had been a long time since we has such a wonderful sunny day. It made both mum and I happy.


  1. I've always loved this picture of you, Derby! It's always good to remember the Golden Rule, too ...

  2. Dear Derby,

    It was this picture that I first fell in love with.

    I will always love you.

    Skittles, The Cat

  3. Lovely sentiment! We too just enjoyed the sun and snuggled with Meowmy. It was a great "recharge" weekend.


  4. We have sun now too Derby! For the first time in ab out two weeks! We basked in it all day yesterday.

  5. We were cloudy but at least it wasn't raining. I'm very pleased about that!

  6. I believe in the golden rule too. It is good.

  7. Derby,

    we luvs that picture of you! It shows off how hansom and man-cat like you are!


  8. duz that mean I should stop whappin' Cocoa?

  9. Sorry this was posted here but I couldn't find an email address.

    This blog has been listed on

    Come over and take a look, make sure we have everything correct.

    While you're there, being a cat, check out this animatorial:

    LETTER TO THE BERKOWITZES written by Snowball (cat)

    Animal Internet is a virtual soapbox for animatorials (editorials written by animals.) We're not just another ...STER site where “pets" and "owners” exchange pictures and grooming tips. We are something entirely new - a website run totally by animals whose mission is to publish and promote the free exchange of animal opinion.

  10. ::sigh:: I wish we could haf some sun. All we get is rain, rain ,rain.

  11. What a lovely sentiment Derby!! We're glad you had a sunny Sunday!!!

    Thanks fur wishing me a Happy Purrfday!!!

    Luf, Jenny @ Forty Paws

  12. Lovely post Derby... In response to your question, yes we are all fine. We live north of where the storm hit. However Mom works with someone who had a friend killed in Americus, GA. We understand there is lots of damage still down there & we hope things are closer to normal for them soon. Thanks for checking on us.


  13. i wish we could haf sun here too. all we gots is snow.
    so, if Miles rabbit kicks me in the head, then that means that he wants me to do it to him, right? - Sammy

  14. That's the rule our mom tries to live by, Derby. We enjoyed the sun too!

  15. Excellent picture and excellent rule.

  16. Oh, it's Smiley Boy!

    Explain please, what sun is. Thank you very much.


  17. I likes your Man Cat post, and agree. This is such a great photo of you (as they all are of course! It was sunny early but now it is icky and cloudy. sign

  18. My sisters and me love sunny days, too! You are a very handsome man kitty. I'm a boykitty right now.

  19. That is a beautiful picture! I love the golden rule, Derbs.


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