Thursday, December 8, 2005

A Box to play with

Well mum brought home a box. But she got out all of the presents she bought and wrapped them in bright papers. Then she putted them in the box and taped it shut. So I can't get into it at all. Bummer.

But I don't think any of this stuff had my name on it. When am I going to get my stuff?? So finally mum is done with all of the presents and turned on the 'puter. This way I can catch up with all of my fellow bloggers. Seems like most everyone is going through the same thing with trees, decorations, visitors, presents. So it is hectic for all of us.

I managed to sneak into the big cold box. Yes, inside. Mum was looking for something and made enough room for me to get in on a lower shelf. But mum pulled me back out right away.


  1. I don't blame you for trying. I'm pretty sure moms hide cat toys in there.

  2. Our Mom had 2 other cats before us. Shadow would open the fridge door and Mia would climb up on the shelf. Their V.E.T. said Mom & Dad were probably the only people with cat hair in their fridge. Too bad this was before Mom had a good flashy thing or she would've taken a great picture.

    Keep on trying though. Your just might find something really good!


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