Friday, December 9, 2005


Mummy brought home what she calls Chinese food. I gotted samples of chicken, shrimp and some crab/cheese stuff. Yum. The I wented and sat on the heaty spot to keep my tummy warm.

The collar has been missing since early Sunday, so nearly a whole week. But lately she hasn't really been looking for it. Maybe she figures it is gone for good. Hee, hee, maybe I have finally ditched it for good.

Mum is yawning like it is time to go to bed. Far to early for that, at least for me. We need to play, that should wake her up.


  1. *crosses paws for you* I hope she forgot about the collar all the way. I got a collar for Christmas when I was a kitten. Mommy said it was a PRESENT! I told her I did not like collar presents at all. I got rid of it later and she finally forgot about it. Maybe we should tell them if they will wear collars we will. Nah. They might try it and I don't wanna wear one anyways.

  2. We have never tried chinese food. Must have a talk with mom. It sounds good.

  3. Boy, are you lucky. We NEVER get to eat chinese food!


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