Sunday, December 18, 2005

Neato Pictures

Mummy took some nice pictures the past few days. She gotted them transfered over to the 'puter so I can post them.

Firsted the moon hadn't quite set yesterday morning and you could see it through the crapapple tree. If it is dark enough the moonlight comes in the window and lights up mum's sleepy place.
This picture is wider view but you can still see Mr. Moon in the tree branches.

Then I decided I needed a nice place to sit and decided the top of the TV would be the best place. So I had to move a few of the little white people off to make room for me. I'm sorry but I need my space and this whole house is my space. I share it only under duress and I have first dibs on where to sit.
Today was a wonderful sunny Sunday and I took advantage of resting in the bright light and warming my fur. First one side in the living room and then the other in the hall.
What a nice shadow kitty I have that travels with me.

Opus and Roscoe, sorry but the Colts losted today. They didn't have the game on our TV today, they hadded the purple people playing. But mum is happy as the purple people lost. Hee, hee, hee.

Oh, and mum boughted some turkey for me at the store today. So I gotted a special treat today to eat. YUMMY.


  1. Your mom took some very nice nature pictures! And it looks like you are keeping active these cold winter days!

  2. Hey, I've seen that kitty folowing ME too!!!

  3. We like to lay in the sun, too. Mom calls it "getting a fur tan".

  4. Great photos! AND you got turkey, too?


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