Sunday, December 4, 2005

I Hid It

Hee, hee, hee. I got out of my collar again. The best bit is that mum hasn't been able to find it. She keeps walking around the house asking "Derby, where did you leave your collar?" Does she think I am going to tell her? Or show her? It is in a really great spot...hmmm. Maybe I better not even tell you guys, she might read this.

Mum has also been getting out more lights and beads and snowmen and more stuff. So everything is moved around. The beads are fun but most of them are out of my reach.

Edsel, don't worry. Santa and Christmas come even if your mum doesn't decorate.


  1. I refuse to wear a collar, unless it's diamond-studded. Until my mother acknowledges that, I'll keep getting out of mine, too.

    Good job on hiding it so well! Enjoy the freedom while you have it!

  2. Hi Derby

    I have ways to get out of my collar, too. Last time Mom looked all over the house before she finally got me a new one. Only then did I bring the old one out of its hiding place. We have to keep these Mom's on their toes!


  3. Good going, Derby! I took mine off so much that Mommy stopped making me wear one "in case I got out". But I live inside -- who wants to go out in the rain and snow and hot and stuff anyways.


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