Monday, December 12, 2005

Joy in Packerland

Ohh, mum has left the 'puter alone for a while. She is in the kitchen cleaning up. We had left over Chinese tonight. So I got little pieces of chicken and shrimps again.

Plus she was a very good helper and gotted out all of my pictures for Christmas sent out with the cards. I know the extended family will just love seeing me. Mum called me her " snuggle partner". Yes, we do snuggle good together.

William suggested that I hid my collar farther under the bed. Well, she had looked under the bed, but it was by the edge and hidden by the blankie. If I could get it in the trash then I know I wouldn't see it again.

Yes, the blankie is a very nice napping blanket and mum's sleepy place is a good place for me to get my sleeps too.

Plus there are a whole bunch of these little white people around the house. The house is getting crowded with all of this new stuff mum keeps bring up from the dungeon.

And lastly, there is joy in Packerland, they managed to win a game last night. Mum hollared very loud when they won. I had to jump on the bed to make sure she was OK she made so much noise. I gotted a big hug for that. Wish they would win more often if I get hugs.


  1. Sorry she founded your collar! Hey, my Mom likes the Packers too! She's all happy & stuff too. Silly humans!

  2. Funny snowmen! I really like your spiral tree.

  3. Quickly, stake out your own area before the snow people take over your whole house!

  4. Cute picture Derby! The people here cheer for those purple guys the vikings. We hear the packers are their arch-enemies and they fight it out all the time. Just give us a good ole hockey game anyday.

  5. I'm Shu, I've taken over my owner's profile temporarily. My daddy also screamed and hollared his head off at the Packer victory and kept me and my kid sister and my big brother up with all of his shenanigans! These Packers must be pretty cool, or is it cold, because dad watches them from 1,400 miles away!


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