Thursday, December 29, 2005

Movie Time

We made it through HP #2 yesterday night. Tonight mum wants to go through the other special disk with all of the extras tonight on the 'puter.

No I don't like popcorn, although I don't mind the butter, if mum adds it. Don't care for goldfish like Oreo either. I do like a small bits of potato chips. We watch from the couch, the bedroom does not have the DVD player. But we snuggled and I gotted some of my own treats, tuna Pounce and chicken Deli Slices.

Ohh, and just before we started the movie I was running around like crazy and calling mum to the big floor windows. The cat that tried to jump up on our outside windows back on November 20th was back. The kitty was slowly stalking through the snow in the back and coming up onto the patio. When he saw me he tooked off. Mum got a better look at him and says he lives behind us. They let their kitties out to wander even in the cold.
Mum says she would like the 'puter now. Guess I better let her have it. Later gang.


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  2. Our neighbors cat is out in the cold alot too. Sometimwes they forget to look for him before they go to bed. Mom fixed up a warm kitty shelter under the deck for him and feeds him when he comes over & cries. We are all so lucky to live our cushy lives.

  3. I luv real goldfish, not the crackery kind. Does Oreo like the crackery kind? I much prefer squirmy real fish, but I will take a furry delicate bite of a bit of popcorn if mine mom puts it by me when I is layin by the fireside.


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