Monday, December 26, 2005

Boxing Day?

Not sure what exactly Boxing Day is, I don't think it has anything to do with guys (or gals) hitting each other. Maybe it has to do with putting boxes away, which is what mum did today. She putted some of the extra Christmas stuff away, and she wented to the decoration store and boughted stuff for next year. Says she gotted a really good deal on stuff to put up outside the house.

Mum also redid the cat cubes and made them take up less of the middle of the room. So I had fun running in and out of them while she was trying to hook them together. I love it when mum just lays on the floor and plays with me. Sometimes I think she is a another kitty and want to wrestle with her like another cat, but then she thinks that is too rough for her since I want to bite sometimes.

Mum washed all of the blankies on the bed, so everything smelled so wonderful. And she moved her hologram thingy out in the living room where we can see it. I sure do like seeing my face in this glass thingy.


  1. I think it was Basket Day here. Mom put all of our new toys in a basket since we wouldn't so she could use that terrible machine we all hate without vacuuming any up. They'll all be out again by tomorrow, though.

    Hmmm...should we have gotten even more toys on Boxing Day?

  2. wow, you got cool things for chrismas. i like your cubes and that hologram thingy is really neat!

  3. Isn't Boxing Day the day we get to play in all the boxes??? That's what we did, whether the People wanted us to or not!

  4. Mom put alla boxes ina bedroom. Her calls it a junk room. I sneaks in there when the door is opened, I am furry swift!


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