Monday, December 5, 2005

Still Missing

Mum still is looking for my collar. No it is not in the litterbox. Mum cleans that real good and anything the size of my collar would stand out. I think she likes it as I make noise when I move and I can't sneak up on her. Well deary, that's the point. I do want to surprise you. Plus she had made a tag with my name on it, so I know she wants to find it really bad.

Oh, and I knocked the Christmas tree over early this morning. Mum wasn't very upset, almost like she expected it. Nothing broken. Guess I gotta try harder. Hee, hee. I like sitting by it and whapping at the beads she has on it. Then there is another little tree that changes color by majic. It is all sparkly and it isn't that big, not that much bigger than me.


  1. Derby, we LOVE this picture of you. You look like you are in deep thought, maybe trying to solve the world's problems.

    I hope you find your pretty collar soon. It looks very nice on you. Red is a good color!

    Thanks for the Colts updates. It makes us feel a little less homesick!
    Opus and Roscoe

  2. Derby, that is one hot picture of you! My mom always tells me that, as a young teenager, she used to plaster her bedroom with pictures of Kirk Cameron, Tom Cruise and Michael J. Fox.

    I think I'm going to ask her to print this photo of you so I can post it on my bedroom wall...I'm smitten!

  3. Mom says to tell you she agrees you are a handsome cat. Sounds like you hid that collar pretty good! No tree up at our house yet. We like to sit under it. -Scooby & Shaggy

  4. What a good picture! Be careful knocking over trees!

  5. Yep, my mom agrees too, you are a handsome handsome handsome boy!

  6. We have not knocked over the tree yet, but Rhett had it swaying pretty good last night..hehe


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