Thursday, December 1, 2005

Cooking Time

Mum came home late with packages that got put away before I could check them out. Hmmm... are they for me? Is mum helping out Santy Claws?

Them mum keeps putting me out of the kitchen. She says I will get burned on what she calls peanut brittle. The only part I like is the butter. So I am keeping watch on her from the top of the big cold box.

Oh, better go, mum is starting a new batch. Time for me to see if I can be more help.


  1. hi Derby - i don't eat those christmas cactus plants either - they're really too pretty to eat. i've never been on top of the big cold box - what's it like up there?

  2. We haven't figured out a way to get on top of our big cold box, The other day Mom saw me on top of her china closet but by the time she found the flashy thing I was already somewhere else! Ha, ha.

    The Crew


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