Saturday, December 3, 2005

Da Weather is Frightful

To anser a question from Sanjee on getting on top of the 'frig. I can't jump directly from floor to the top. First I get to the counter, then from there to the 'frig. And no the big sucking machine did not get me. Mum always checks to see where I am when she starts it and gives me a chance to get out of the room.

Diva Kitty says she gets put in the tub of death if she does this. DK, what is the tub of death?

Mum's friend Jane came to visit and see me for the first time. She is a nice lady and she brung a present for me. THANKS. Mum putted the present away for "later". Anyway I gotted extra scritches from her and mum showed her how to feed me a treat. Mum says she has either a kitty or doggy living with her. I smelled doggie on her, but might be getting a new kitty as well. Oh, a Christmas kitty.

Then they tooked off for a long time. Again coming home with packages that got putted away before I could check them out. They got home late as the snow made the driving poorly, but everyone got home safely. Mum says we might get 3 inches of snow.

Some of the Christmas stuff is coming out. So things are changing around here. More stuff to check out. Mum says the weather, all the driving in the bad weather and getting the Christmas stuff out has made her tired. We need to get to bed early tonight. What do you mean "we" kemosabi?


  1. Oh, Oh, I like to get on top of the fridge too! Ours is black so sometimes if I lay JJJUUUSSSTTT right Mom can't see me real good.

  2. how come everybody's gettin' christmas stuff and we don't have any???? my Mom is still sick and isn't "in the mood." wow, what if she never gets in the mood????


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