Saturday, December 10, 2005

Whose Dat Cat in the Tree

Mum has been home almost all day, unusual for a Saturday. She left for a very little while and got rid of the big box she brought home. Said it had to get sent to Uncle Stormie. Also another package for Uncle Flip. Make sure they get their purresents for Christmas in time. Then mum wented and worked in the dungeon again, keeping me out. She said she was working with putting her tongues oil on wood. That sounds yucky and she wanted me out so I didn't get it on my paws. Yes, I lick myself, but I don't like a piece of wood.
Then she restrung all of the beads on the tree, they didn't look very good since I had knocked over the tree a few times. It looks much better now and I tried, but didn't knock it over.
Plus mum was making more peanut brittle, says she needs it for a party at work and for grampie.
Now quiet time with wonderful Christmas music, me napping and mum reading her book.

But mum, didn't you say you were going to work on getting all of the Christmas cards done. So you can send pictures of me? I hate to be a nag about this, but the family needs to see me.


  1. Those beads look way too tempting!!!

  2. Charlie, good to hear from you. Ya gotta get your mum to give you pooter time to check up on your friends.

    Yep, mum does take good pictures. Even better when she uses her regular camera. She doesn't always like the way the digital one.

    I really wasn't modeling the beads, mum caught me at the tree. Even so I am confident in my cathood to wear beads if needed.


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