Sunday, December 11, 2005


AHHHH. I knew it, once mum got out the big sucking machine she would find the collar and she did. It was hidden, my friends, under the extra folds of her pretty bed blanket.
You can see me on top of the bed to stay out of the way of that sucking machine and that the blanket goes all the way to the floor with lots of extra length.
So that the blanket doen't get caught in the machine, she folds the extra back up on the bed and............BUSTED.
So I've got my collar back and will need to find a new place to hide it the next time. 'Cuz I know she will look around the bed and blankies real good from now on when I lose it. Bummer, now I can't sneak up on her.

But I can still nag her about Christmas stuff! Are the cards withmy pictures sent out yet? (Mum: I will have them totally done in a few days. Most of them are ready, yes, with your picture included. So stop nagging, otherwise, next year you can do this.)


  1. Dagnabbit! You hid it so well, Derby! Such a shame that your mom is such a good housekeeper that she found it.

    My mom hates to use the sucking machine, but she says she can not avoid it because I leave "little hair deposits" all around the house.

    Like she doesn't shed...

  2. You gotta stick it way *way* under the bed next time!

  3. Darn it Derby! She found it.....
    Pretty bedspread. Looks great for napping!

  4. You look like the King of the Bed!
    Buzzerbee & meep


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