Friday, December 23, 2005

Guess What I Found

I gotted into the closet with all of the stash of purresents. However I didn't get a chance to see exactly which ones are mine. I hope all of them.

It has been a nice day home with mum. She made sure all the outside birdies has their food so they have a full tummy for Christmas. It was all sunny and warmer. Warm enough to melt some of that old yucky snow stuff outside. Mum even wented and got the car washed so it looks nice for Christmas.
Lastly a picture of mum with her "antlers". She broughted them home from work. Last week she gotted to play one of the reindeers. She said they made her be "Vixen" but she isn't really a vixen at all.


  1. hey Derby, i put a link to you on my site - it's cool you found that stash of presents, but i doubt they're all for you. did you figure out what to get your Mum? i'm havin' trouble with that too

  2. Wow, what a lotta presents! Looks like you was havin fun fun.......I have a bean aunt that lives in Sconsin.

  3. Um, are you sure those aren't growing out of her head? Cause they sure lok like they are!

  4. Yall are all ready for Christmas, Derby! Did you smell any catnip in the purresents? Your Mum looks cute with her antlers! It's probably good she's not really a vixen, though.
    Merry Christmas Derby and Derby's Mum and all Derby's family and friends :)


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