Monday, December 19, 2005

Quicky Post

Mum says I gotta do my post quick. Seems she still has this big project to do on her work 'puter.

Mum says thanks for the nice words on her pictures. She looked at them at work on her big screen and thoughted some of them were a bit dark. But they looked OK on her laptop here when I posted.

Yes, I am collared again. Once mum found it I knew I would have to wear it. Although the jingles go with the season right now.

Miss Kitty wanted to know what I was getting mum for Christmas. Well, I have no money, no way to get to a store, wrap it etc. Guess I will have to think of something that I don't have to buy. Hmmmm.

Ohhh, mum is done making her dinner and I smell turkey. I better go get some.


  1. I'm giving my mom a "Love Coupon" for 8-10 hours (to be redeemed in no less than 10 minute blocks) of petting me and scratching behind my ears.

    She is going to be EXCITED!

  2. hey Derby, you can give your mum a layer of fine, feline fur to cover her clothes with. it'll make her warmer in the winter! i don't shed much, so i can't do that and i don't know what to get my Mom either!

  3. Derby! Shop online! Use one of those plastic things! See how easy?


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