Wednesday, December 14, 2005

SNOW, SNOW, SNOW! Mum gotted her big machine out that moves snow. She made fast work of those little white flakes.

It has gotted warmer here, but not real warm. I just stay inside watching the birdies and such play outside. Hope they stay warm.


  1. I haven't seen my birds in days. We ran out of food for them but Mom made a special trip to the store tonight just for seed, so maybe tomorrow they'll be back.

    Stay warm!

  2. It's really white outside here. Looks like Narnia.

  3. I usually try to sneak out the door when my mom comes home, but last night I was having none of it! I stood by the doorway and was blasted by a frigid burst of snowy air when she opened the door.

    I'll have to ask Santa for some boots, a hat and coat if I'm going to continue "Project: Get Outside At Any Cost."


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