Friday, December 2, 2005

Up on the 'Frig

Edsel wanted to know how it is up on top of the big cold box. I like it. First, I am up higher than mum, so I could jump on her head if I wanted to. Second, I can see all of the cooking stuff, but am out of the way and can't get stepped on.

It is easy for me to get up here. I jump to the counter top and then to the top of the 'frig. Here you can see me getting ready to jump to the top of the 'frig. Sometimes I jump on the table, to the window, walk to the counter, then jump. I had mum use her flashy box to show you my path. Mum says some kitties might not have a kitchen where they have such an easy way to get to the top of the box.

Mum says this reminds her of Bandit. She says Bandit was a cool cat that her friend had. Bandit was a friendly cat who would sit at the table on a chair when they visited. If they put a treat on the table in front of him, he would very neatly use his paw to pull the treat on to the chair so he could eat it. But mum says he was good and never went up on the table. I think she is trying to give me a hint that she would prefer that I not go on the table. (MUM:yes, hint, hint)

Oh, mum is getting that big sucking machine out. Time to make myself scarce for a while.


  1. SOOOOO lucky. I get tossed in the tub of death for an hour if I jump up on the Fridge.

  2. Hey Derby! I like the top of there too! Like your pics! And thanks for visiting my site. I asked mom to double check to be sure you were on our blogroll on my Favorite Links page. Take care!

  3. Ack! The big sucking machine! I really hope it didn't get you! How do you jump all the way up on top of the big cold box? You must be a good jumper.


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