Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Well, mum hadded to back to work today. Not like some who get lots of time off at this time of the year. So I was very happy when she came home and got my daily share of scritches.

The gang at Crew's View gotted cat cubes for Christmas too. But Max and George are upset that the color is PINK. They are boy cats but do have a little sister Tipper who is very happy with the pink color.

Plus I had a couple of questions on my glass hologram thingy with my face in it. Well, it sure looks like me, but no I did not pose directly for it. Mum looked through the paperwork that came with it. First it was bought at "Old World Christmas" a special event/sales in Elkhart Lake, WI early this month. The people who sell them call them laser crystals. No website but here is the name of the vendor. Says they have all sort of stuff, animals, sports, holidays, birdies, fishies and lots more.
Tiny Treasures
N4302 Highway 32 South
Sheboygan Falls, WI 53085
920-467-6662 tnytrsr@bytehead.com

Guess if you are interested you could call, write or e-mail them. They come in 3 or 6 inches high. Mine is 3 inch size. And a basic base is included in it. Mum gotted a fancy base that rotates and changes colors. But she whispered that she knows it was a good deal. (Less than twenty dollars for the whole thing, glass thing and base.)

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  1. I got cubes for my birthday this year and I just love them! Sometimes I just can't help myself and I flatten them. Usually if Olivia's in them.

    I think if I were you I'd try to play in the little crystal cube too. But Mom says this is exactly why we can't have nice things around the house. I don't know what she means.


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