Wednesday, December 7, 2005

OK, still no collar. Maybe because mum gets up before it gets light out and comes home in the dark too. The trees are safe, mum put one on a small table that only has room for the tree. The bigger one mum put a big book on the bottom so it is not likely to get pushed over.

A big package arrived today, but mum says that is Grampie's Christmas present from Stormie. What! it's not for me?!!

The naughty or nice meter today. NICE.


  1. Derby, there's really no such thing as a table with something on it that you can't get on, too. If something's in the way, just push it off! That's what I do.

  2. Derby,
    Maybe you can have the box from that nice big present! Boxes are better than presents anyway.

  3. It is not in a box but a big plastic wrap thingy. So I know mum won't let me play with it. Bummer.


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